northwestkhaleesi asked:

My tolerance never goes down. I can smoke for an hour straight one night, not smoke for a week, and be able to smoke for an hour straight again. It sucks in the saving money view, but it's dope cause I always smoke with people who smoke tuff.

stonified answered:

You may need to take a longer tolerance break if you can. That may be what it takes!





Its not the length of time in which you smoke… I can not smoke for months and still smoke for an hour straight. Its how you handle that In which you smoked. If you weren’t 14 you would know that.


I know your response is going to be… I have great weed. But fact is.. There is better out there. Always. So as your tolerance goes up.. Your quality of weed should too. For instance.. I have some right now that will get you stoned in one hit. Gets me stoned in one hit and I’ve been smoking over ten years

I’ve taken that into consideration and I’ve tried. I’m not some kid who just started smoking. Nor am I 14. I’ve smoked plenty of bud that has gotten me high in one or two hits. But not as high as I want to get. If you could stop belittling me because I haven’t smoked as long as you and for being younger, that would be polite.

I’m not belittling you. I’m really just telling you things you were hinting that you had no idea about. Just some information. I’m sorry you took it as belittling. And as far as not getting as high as you want try different ways to get high. Use a vaporizer.. volcano.. Dabs.. There are always ways to get higher.

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